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September 20 2013


Meladerm Cream

No matter if you bother to admit to this or not, all of us have had to deal with hyper pigmentation at some point or the other in our lives. This condition occurs due to the formation of excessive pigment in some area of your skin which makes it darker than your normal skin tone.


The color of your skin is determined by the presence of a pigment known as melanin. This pigment forms inside your skin and its main purpose is to protect your body from the harmful UV rays on the sun. But sometimes, excessive melanin collects in certain areas of your skin and this is what leads to the formation of dark spots or patches.


This condition doesn't have any negative effect on your health but does damage your self-esteem to a large extent. The case is even more severe if the hyper pigmentation is on your face somewhere. This is the main reason why there are so many people in the world today that are in search of a proper cream which can help effectively lighten these dark pigmented areas.


Everyone dreams of having flawless skin with an even skin tone. The skin lightening industry is one of the biggest in the world and there are a large number of manufacturers with various products that claim to help you get rid of these dark spots altogether. Unfortunately, not all of these products provide the same results. Some of these products may also be dangerous for your skin. For example, a chemical by the name of hydroquinone is used in many skin lightening products today. But this chemical agent isn't very safe to use and therefore, many people have started searching for alternative products that do not contain any hydroquinone. Some other harmful chemicals to watch out for include steroids, mercury and parabens.


This is why I recommend meladerm cream for all your skin lightening requirements. This cream contains ingredients such as licorice extract, lactic acid, alpha-arbutin and kojic acid, etc. These are the key ingredients which set this product apart from the rest. Some other ingredients in this cream include mulberry extract, glycolic acid, argireline, naicinamide, gigawhite, etc.


Another reason why this product is different from other skin creams in the market is because it uses a unique technology for airless dispensing of the product. If you check the description on some of the reliable seller's websites (e.g. meladerm-cream.com or  Amazon.com) This airless pump makes use of a vacuum & piston arrangement instead of the usual pump & straw style for forcing the product outwards. This ensures the product does not get contaminated through the air.


The main reason this is important is because the ingredients in this cream are damaged most by sunlight and air. These ingredients lose efficiency when exposed to air. This technology is much better than the traditional methods of pumping cream but is not used by too many manufacturers in the industry because of its high cost of manufacture. Civant Skin Care(manufacturers of Meladerm), however, understands the importance of providing customers with a product of high quality and that is why all their products are packed in vacuum sealed airless dispensers.

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